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Evergreen Foundation

Evergreen Foundation




For 30 years, we’ve been facilitating change in communities through connection, innovation and sustainable actions. We work with community builders across sectors to solve some of the most pressing issues cities face: climate change, housing affordability, and access to nature and public spaces. Our approach is to bring together different people and lead with a mindset focused on solutions so we can test and scale the ideas needed in cities. We believe that no one actor can solve these challenges alone. We convene and engage to revitalize and transform spaces into great places that are inclusive to all people and sustainable at their core.​ Through our work at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, our collaborative initiative Future Cities Canada, and programs across the country, we’re working to make our communities flourish.​ Visit our project page to see how we are facilitating change across Canada.​


Evergreen Brick Works, Suite 300 550 Bayview Ave Toronto, ON
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