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Green Cedar Lebanon

Green Cedar Lebanon




Green Cedar Lebanon, created in Dec 2007 by Pascale Choueiri Saad and Lara Hanna Debs was conceived as an environmental initiative in response to the massive loss of forest cover following the war of July 2006, the forest fires of 2007 and general long-term neglect over the decades in Lebanon. Green Cedar Lebanon was founded as a non-governmental not for profit organization in 2019 when Cathy Chami Tyan joined the team. Green CEDAR LEBANON mission is to encourages and honors the green best practices in LEBANON through highlighting the positive and outstanding accomplishments in the field of environment and to promote Green ideas and green solutions keeping green at top of mind and to create awareness to form like-minded pressure group that will influence the policies and decision making to have a green culture.


Dbayeh, Mont Liban, Lebanon
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