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About us

Greenpeace Bulgaria is an independent, non-profit environmental organization that works to protect the environment and promote sustainable development in Bulgaria. It is part of the global Greenpeace network, which has been working to protect the planet since 1971. Greenpeace Bulgaria's work focuses on four key areas: Climate change: Greenpeace Bulgaria works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote renewable energy in Bulgaria. It also advocates for climate justice, so that the impacts of climate change are not disproportionately borne by the poor and vulnerable. Oceans: Greenpeace Bulgaria works to protect Bulgaria's marine environment, including its Black Sea coast, coral reefs, and fisheries. It also opposes destructive fishing practices and oil and gas exploration in Bulgaria's oceans. Toxics: Greenpeace Bulgaria works to eliminate toxic chemicals from Bulgaria's environment. It also advocates for safer alternatives to toxic chemicals and for the right of communities to know about and participate in decisions about toxic chemicals. Forests: Greenpeace Bulgaria works to protect Bulgaria's forests, which are home to a wealth of biodiversity and play a vital role in regulating the climate. It also opposes destructive logging practices and mining in Bulgaria's forests.




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