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Hong Kong


The vision guiding the HeroesToo mission is to promote an eco-friendly world through collective collaboration of simple changes in daily habits. Our mission is harnessing individual actions through the EcoPledge Program to generate a mass momentum for change for a better environment HeroesToo is a registered Hong Kong charity established in July 2010, dedicated to restoring and protecting our environment. We achieve our mission through the EcoPledge Program, engaging and empowering the community to take action. We support the UN Global Citizen Campaign working with the UN Global Goals taking action on sustainability, global health and climate change. We are an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Business Environment Council, engaging with various stakeholders in promoting Hong Kong's environmental sustainability. Our HeroesToo EcoPledge Education Program inspires and empowers the community, to engage in eco-friendly habits to bring about a sustainable world. We aspire to expand our outreach eco-education Program to create the impact needed to undo the environmental damage done and achieve our goals. We need your support.


HeroesToo, theDesk Strand 50, 2/F, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong