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Founded in 2000, Himalayan Nature is a development and conservation research institute, working for sustainable livelihoods of Himalayan communities as well as initiating scientific research on Himalayan biodiversity and the broader environment. It is an independent, not-for-profit organization actively working on emerging issues related to the development and conservation of natural resources, and sustainable livelihoods of people in the Himalayan region Himalayan Nature is a science-based organization and takes an independent view of livelihood options provided to local communities and biodiversity conservation issues. We provide sound advice on aspects of social development and environmental management to government authorities and other concerned agencies. Periodically, we release statements to help improve awareness among the public and policy makers on the sustainable livelihood issues and environmental challenges. The organization is supported by globally renowned livelihood advisers and conservation scientists who have long experience of the Himalayan region. We work closely with other similar interest organizations within and outside Nepal, complementing their work and exchanging information. The wide geographic coverage of the organization’s work includes the northern part of India, Nepal, and Pakistan, the whole of Bhutan, southeast Tibet and the northern part of Myanmar. However most of our work is currently concentrated in Nepal and India. We are based in Kathmandu and have field study centers in Nepal, in Koshi, Chitwan and Lumbini. We collaborate with several community-based organizations working in higher altitude environments. We can be contacted at the address given in this web page for further enquiries. We appreciate any assistance or advice that helps achieve the goals of Himalayan Nature.


Ganesh Marg, 44600 Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal
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