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Humana People to People China

Humana People to People China




Humana People to People (HPP) came to China in 2005 when the organization began working in Yunnan province. HPP is a larger federation of NGOs based in Switzerland. HPP China's primary work focuses on poverty alleviation and promoting sustainability. Their mission is to promote solidarity between people, to promote development in impoverished communities through the implementation of projects that aim to transfer knowledge, and to promote a better life for the most underprivileged and needy. HPP China hopes to bridge the four major gaps in Chinese society - urban/rural, East/West, rich/poor, and men/women.


Yunnan Province, Kunming City, PanLong Qu, ChuanJin Lu #349 ZhongChanFengShang XiaoQu 6 Chuang 4 Danyuan 201 Shi