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Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development




"The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (, based in Jerusalem, works to catalyze a transition to a sustainable, thriving, and spiritually-aware society through the leadership of faith communities. ICSD reveals the connection between religion and ecology and mobilizes faith communities to act. ICSD manifests these goals primarily through four current projects. First, the Faith Inspired Renewable Energy Project, in cooperation with faith institutions in Africa and a renewable energy developer, deploys solar and wind fields to bring electricity to Africans, reduce indoor air pollution and deforestation, and curb climate change. Second, the Interfaith Eco Seminary Engagement Project promotes teaching of ecologically informed theological education, to spur courageous moral leadership for sustainability. ICSD co-organizes symposia in many cities, publishes reports on faith-ecology seminary courses, and promotes resource-sharing of such course syllabi. Third, the Women’s Faith and Ecology Project in Jerusalem brings together Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women for meetings and joint actions aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, strengthening ties among communities, and overcoming inter-religious strife. Fourth, ICSD co-organizes Interfaith Environmental Conferences that amplify the voices of religious leaders and scientists on spirituality and environmental sustainability."


PO Box 28156, Jerusalem, 9128101