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International Birding and Research Center Eilat

International Birding and Research Center Eilat




Eilat is one of the most important spots for migratory birds in the world. The only overland bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa is also a bottle-neck that serves hundreds of millions of migratory birds. Moreover, these birds in Eilat, are preparing themselves for the most challenging task of crossing the foodless and hostile Saharan desert. Eilat area that used to be a large and rich saltmarsh that consisted the last "fueling station" before the desert for these birds, suffered human development that left nothing of this important habitat. Our main work is to renew the food source of the migratory birds in Eilat in our Bird Sanctuary, and conduct research that will constantly monitor the physical condition of the birds and reassess our conservation policy and work to safeguard the bird's flyway. A guided visit in the Bird Sanctuary is a great way to experience and appreciate the migratory birds. We bring birds that are caught for monitoring their physical condition, explain about their heroic journey and fantastic abilities and release them together with the audience back to nature. Some weigh no more than 5 grams but complete a journey of 25000 Km, in harsh conditions, every year. Each bird species is unique and has a different story to tell that finally completes the understanding of bird migration in Eilat. The encounter of people with birds so up-close is moving and exciting. After meeting the birds from close range we depart to see the different habitats and larger birds in the sanctuary.


Bird Sanctuary, Eilat, Israel
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