Island Youth United

Island Youth United




About us

Island Youth United is a non-government organisation formed in 2010 for the purpose of developing the youth community of the island, especially those residing in Mukurimagu area and around. The founders of the NGO, and the executive body consisting of influential youths of the community, we have a strong mission to tackle major problems that we face in the community, besides developing the community's sports and recreation aspect making it possible for more young people to actively take part in such activities, while helping the relevant parties to establish the needed infrastructure. The NGO has a lot of support from the elders of the community in paving ways for us to actively operate in the community towards our goals. Currently we have shortlisted major problems that we wish to tackle and create awareness within the young community including crime prevention and environment protection. In addition to that, we have high hopes to let youth get involved and be aware of the many ways they can contribute to the prosperity of the island as a whole. Island Youth United aims to provide opportunities for the youth of the community to participate in related national and international level programs and activities that can add fuel to the progression that we have a vision of.




Mukurimagu. Laamu Gan, Maldives

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