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In 1998, aged 18, he left for Indonesia with the support of actress Muriel Robin, who financed his trip. He wanted to devote himself to the protection of the gibbons he knew to be threatened by the disappearance of the forests. Once there, he realised that deforestation exceeded what he had imagined and the serious threat it posed to wildlife, especially gibbons. Living in the trees, they are the first to be affected if the forest disappears. He then created a first care center in Borneo (Kalimantan), to collect the gibbons rescued from trafficking as there was no infrastructure, then, to receive these animals. In 2003, he opened a second health center on the island of Sumatra and created the Kalaweit FM radio station which broadcasts in Borneo to a young audience. Since 2012, the organisation creates protected private reserves, the size of which is increasing each year. They allow the creation of micro reserves where wild animals are safe from deforestation and trafficking.


Yayasan Kalaweit Indonesia, Jl Pinus Kompleks Mahoni Lestari I No 3 Panarung, Palangka Raya 73111, Kalimantan Tengah
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