Karen Rivers Watch




Last Update: December 01, 2023

About us

Karen Rivers Watch (KRW) was established in 2003 in response to the need for a stronger network of civil society organizations to emerge in order to monitor several large dams being revived by the governments of Burma and Thailand on the lower stretch of the Salween River in the early 2000s. The organization is a coalition of Karen organizations: the Karen Office of Relief and Development (KORD), Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN), Karen Youth Organization (KYO), Karen Women Organization (KWO), Karen Student Network Group (KSNG) and Federal Trade Union of Kawthoolei (FTUK). These organizations are involved in work focused on the environment, women, youth, human rights and development issues within the ethnic communities in the Karen State. The Coalition was formed to monitor development processes affecting the environment, especially rivers, in the Karen State in particular and Burma in general; and to mobilize grassroots communities, as well as advocate, with other Burma compatriots, for democratic and sustainable development in Burma.