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We are a non-profit association made up of men and women who care about the protection of the environment in all its forms, the quality of life, a more equitable, just, and supportive society. A large non-partisan movement made up of people who, through volunteering and direct participation, promote change for a better future. We have based our mission on scientific environmentalism, collecting thousands of data on our ecosystem from below, which are the basis of every complaint and proposal. For 40 years we have been fighting for a better world, fighting against pollution, illegality, and injustice for beauty, protection, and a better quality of life. We have won many: from the end of nuclear power to the law on eco-crimes, from the ban on plastic bags to the liberation of the Green Hill beagle dogs. Many laws have been approved and the victories obtained thanks to the pressure of Legambiente. But much still remains to be done.


via Salaria 403, 00199, Rome, Italy
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