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Nayakrishi Andolon, literally means New Agricultural Movement led by farming communities, is an innovative practice of biodiversity-based ecological agriculture. The immediate goal is to resist the economic and technological processes that is turning the earth into barren fields and industrial deserts. At the community level the goal is to innovate straetegies of survival by attaining seed and food sovereignty co-creating with nature life-affirming environment, ecology and the rich genetic base of Bangladesh. Understanding farming as engaging sensuously with nature and submission of our faculties to the joyful metabolic process between human beings and external world is known in Nayakrishi as 'Shohoj' ways to 'Ananda'. Nayakrishi dissolves the barrier between abstract knolwedge and actual living and highlights the joy of life. Instant benefit Nayakrishi provides is safe, healthy and nutritious organic food for all. By developing local community strategies to encounter climate change disaster Nayakrishi resist The farmers also demonstrate by practice the validity and authenticity of experiential wisdom and ways to bridge the gap between formal and informal knowledge.


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