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New Zealand Climate Action Network

New Zealand Climate Action Network


We believe Aotearoa can chart a just course to a zero carbon future, powered by 100% renewable energy. We are a growing network of New Zealand civil society groups, non-governmental organisations and social movements who support each other and our allies to take real action to protect New Zealanders and others from climate change, to protect New Zealand's unique environment, and build a more fair, just and safe New Zealand for us all. New Zealand CAN is a diverse network designed to support our member organisations. We are not a campaign or organisation, but a network designed to link people and organisations who share our vision of a safe, just climate future. We provide a space for New Zealand's climate movement to communicate, collaborate and cooperate. Our members include environmental organisations, human rights campaigners, sustainability think tanks, youth movements, and trade unions. We provide a space for ongoing communication between members, as well as convening working groups and/or meetings for particular sectors or issue areas.


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