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Northwest Earth Institute

Northwest Earth Institute




We all deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a stable climate to live in. And your individual actions at home, at work, and in the community play a significant part in creating this world. Our better shared future is realized by the impact of everyday people raising voices and taking action, together. Our solutions-focused programs connect you with research-backed actions and with fellow humans who want to take these actions with you. We show you how our collective behavior -- and your personal transformation --connects with something big, shared, and better. Whether you take action in your home or school, or you are leading change for a global workforce, we believe you can make choices that align with the things you value the most. We’re here to connect your choices to their impacts, and connect you with the countless others pursuing shared goals. We connect the dots between our actions, our impact, and our will to create significant global change. Each time our dots are connected, we take another step forward, toward our better shared future. So here we are. Let's begin.


PO Box 14911 Portland, OR 97293
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