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NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust

NZ Native Forests Restoration Trust


The Native Forest Restoration Trust is dedicated to protecting New Zealand’s native forests and wetlands. Not just for today, but for generations to come. The Trust was formed in 1980 when a group of people got together to protest the felling of giant totara in Pureora Forest. Our ethos remains the same as it was back then – if we all come together, we can achieve extraordinary things. And we have achieved extraordinary things. Today, the Trust manages over 7,000 hectares of reserves, protected forever for all New Zealanders to enjoy. This has only been possible thanks to our incredible supporters. In comparison to other charities in New Zealand, the Trust is reasonably small, but we believe it would be difficult to find another organisation with such committed and dedicated supporters.


PO Box 80-007, Green Bay, Auckland 0643, New Zealand