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Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation

Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation


PhilBio was established for the specific purpose of furthering the biodiversity conservation activities of the ‘Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Programme (PBCP)’ initiated in the 1990’s. PhilBio endeavors to provide increased technical assistance to local partners (whether governmental or non-governmental) and enable the conservation of the Philippines’ unique and threatened environment, biodiversity and natural resources into perpetuity. It is envisioned that the only realistic means of achieving such a goal is via the establishment of integrated, long-term and locally-based biodiversity conservation and development programs, that includes improved dissemination of knowledge, enhanced management practices and the active participation and collaboration of relevant stakeholders, particularly those most dependent upon the natural resources of each region.


Door 1, Northland Compound, 12 Street - Lacson, Bacolod City 6100 Philippines