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Pollution Probe (aka The Pollution Probe Foundation) is a Canadian charitable environmental organization (Charitable BN 108092701 RR0001) that is a leading agent of change at the intersection of communities, health and environment. Since 1969, we have been defining environmental problems through research, promoting understanding through education and pressing for practical solutions through advocacy. We are a partnership-building organization that engages government agencies, private businesses and other non-profit organizations that have a legitimate interest in an issue to help us find solutions. We are also a donor-based organization, and maintain a practical, independent perspective by drawing upon the financial support of a broad spectrum of individuals. We seek to represent the needs of the general public by working to make visible the needs of all, as distinct from the needs of interested parties, in finding environmental solutions. And we resist the temptation to oversimplify issues that are truly complex, just as we avoid clouding issues that are quite simple. We challenge our donors, our partners and the public to think through the important, sometimes difficult, environmental problems that face us all.


150 Ferrand Dr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 3E5