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SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon

SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon




SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon is a facilitator for the teaching, training and sharing of skills and resources related to sustainable and environment-friendly practices. SOILS is dedicated to applying Permaculture ethics and principles in design systems that work with nature - not against it - to provide food, energy and shelter in both rural and urban communities. We communicate the Permaculture (permanent culture/agriculture) approach by integrating the different life-supporting layers of "soils": landscapes, people, plants and animals. Our demonstration site in the village of Saidoun in the caza of Jezzine (South Lebanon) puts natural growing and sustainable development strategies into action. We also conduct presentations and workshops with our partners in Beirut and different areas across the country. We aim to cultivate a national network of growers, builders, makers and artists in Lebanon that care about nature-friendly and responsible practices, in view of collaborating with similar associations in the region and beyond. SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon was among the winners of the "nabad" social entrepreneurship competition (2013) organized by Arcenciel, in collaboration with Beyond Reform and Development. The association was selected to receive mentoring from professionals in NGO management and funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in its start-up phase.


Saidoun, Jezzine - South Lebanon
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