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Sustainable Economy Association

Sustainable Economy Association




Sustainable Economy Association is a non-profit organisation, born in 2016 in Brussels and subsequently developed in Italy starting from Trentino where it has its headquarters. SEA has subsequently spread its network through new members from the private sector and institutions in several states of Europe (2017) and in North Africa (2018) with a main objective: to rethink the economy of the future in a sustainable way. How? By promoting sustainable investments, innovative technologies and low-carbon solutions through international environmental and social impact projects, public awareness, advocacy and conferences. Since 2017, we have also started implementing projects ourselves, with the support of European and national contributions, in the area of combating desertification in North Africa 'Green Deser' and in the area of international solidarity 'Shams Al Atlas'.


Via della Torre Franca n.33, Trento, 38123 Italia
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