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Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council




The first urban forestry council in Tennessee met on February 14, 1991, at 10 a.m. at the main conference room of the Department of Conservation, 701 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee. The urban forestry section of the Tennessee Division of Forestry organized the meeting. Individuals present to form this council were Alice Ann Barge, Marilyn Brown, Janet Bunch, Steve Clark, Josh Collins, Jim Cortese, Debra Dedrick, Kim Hawkins, Gene Hyde, Jim Johnson, Wilma Keeney, Martine Madlinger, Rick Minton, Tom Simpson, Dr. George Weaver and Guy Zimmerman. Others present included Ed Macie of the US Forest Service, Roy Ashley, Hart Applegate, Wayne Clatterbuck, Marsha Thibault and Bruce Webster of the Tennessee Division of Forestry and Sharon Fitzgerald from the Tennessee Municipal League.


PO Box 40627 Nashville, TN 37204
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