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The Otesha Project

The Otesha Project




Ride for Climate Canada is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting sustainability, raising awareness, supporting environmental causes, and organizing hiking and biking events. Ride for Climate Canada opens doors of opportunities for all individuals to engage in environmental causes that are life-changing and uniquely positive. We aim to help all participants overcome big challenges and share their experiences and journey with other people to help create a bigger support network for our cause. Just like you, we at Ride for Climate Canada also feel alarmed, anxious, and overwhelmed with the perpetual decline of the ecosystem. The destruction and threats our environment face daily have become more complex over the years. While numerous people wanted to address the ongoing environmental issues in the world, the political outlook surrounding climate change seems to disempower this cause. For this reason, Ride for Climate Canada offers everyone an opportunity to take part in making a difference by participating in our environmental advocacies and outdoor events. Join our community now and start making an impact! To learn more about our latest hiking and biking events, visit our website’s events page.


404 McArthur Ave Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1K 1G8
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