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For over 30 years Tree New Mexico (TNM) has been planting trees in the Land of Enchantment and educating the public on the value and necessity of healthy urban forests. We continue to be the premier private, non-profit tree planting organization in NM (and the nation); planting thousands of trees each year and building a high level of understanding and advocacy for the expansion and maintenance of urban forests. Tree New Mexico was initially formed out of concern for the environment by local high school students on the premise that tree planting is an important and worthwhile national and community goal. Since our founding in 1990, our partners and volunteers have helped plant over 1,250,000 trees in communities throughout New Mexico. Sue Probart, Founding Director and now Board Emeritus, ran TNM for the better part of 30 years. She is generally known in NM as “Ms. Tree” and as the reason we have urban forestry at all.


3535 Princeton Dr NE Suite 101 Albuquerque, NM 87107