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The appointment of OIC Mayors by President Corazon C. Aquino in the aftermath of EDSA Revolution in 1986 had generated mixed reactions among the populace and the local politicians, particularly in the Municipality of Tboli. An Ilonggo replaced Mayor Mai Tuan, a Tboli and a known ally of deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Mayor Mai Tuan and his followers protested his removal and resulted to the polarization of the populace between tribes. Several lives were lost in the ensuing power struggle. Amidst the chaos, fresh out of school came Dr. Salvecio B. Dagang, the first Tboli medical doctor. Finding his family and people displaced due to the conflict, he immediately organized several young Tboli leaders to mediate between the group of Mayor Mai Tuan, the government and the migrant settlers. The mediation came up with a resolution where the mayorship of the town will be rotated between Rev. Capitan Manodal, a Tboli and Mr. Concordio Susarno, an Ilonggo. Although the said power sharing did not materialize it achieved peace between the warring groups.




Lugan Village II, Poblacion, Tboli, South Cotabato, Philippines