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WATO Nepal

WATO Nepal




WATO - WE ARE THE ONE (To develop our own community dreams) Mission To set an example, by working to help people develop their own communities and raising awareness so that everyone understands and bears responsibilities towards their communities, learns to care and love the environment, and eventually share their resources as a combined effort towards building a healthier environment and achieving sustainable socio-economic development, with the inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalized group and communities. What does the organization do? Working in the areas of Industrial Pollution, Cleaner Production, Open space preservation, conservation, community awareness, social mobilization, Environment Protection, Environment conservation, waste management. Established in 2000, by a group of committed and dedicated individuals, with the determination to make positive changes in peoples lives by achieving all it's goals. Not surprisingly, with it's belief that "positive change is possible" WATO has within this short period of time has launched number of community development projects in Kathmandu Nepal, making an impact on the communities.


gyaneswor, Kathmandu Kathmandu, Nepal
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