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Yayasan Terumbu Karang Indonesia (Terangi)

Yayasan Terumbu Karang Indonesia (Terangi)




Belitung has potential coral reefs as many as 244 species and 89 species of reef fish. However, the current condition of coral reefs in Belitung is under high pressure, caused by illegal tin mining activities. For this reason, need studies related to their impact on the health of marine life, especially on coral reefs so that the policy can be reviewed, to see the important role of coral reefs for other marine biotas. The aim of this study is focused on knowing the condition of substrate coverage, diversity, and biomass of target fish as well as assessing the health of coral reefs at the observation site. Data were collected with SCUBA diving equipment at 6 stations, at depth of 5– 7 m. Retrieval of basic substrate data is done by the Underwater Photo Transect method and for reef fish using belt transect. The results showed substrate coverage was dominated by hard corals, dead corals, sand, and dead corals with algae. Fleshy seaweed cover ranges from 0.07–4.77%, coral fragment cover ranges from 0–2.6%, target fish biomass value obtained varies between


Jalan Asyibaniah No. 105-106, RT. 03/RW.01, Pd. Jaya, Cipayung, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16438 Indonesia
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